Astrophotography Tutorial (Full): Processing RAW Milkyway's DSLR shots - EP3- with PS and Lightroom

Hello! :) this is the third and last episode of this set of Astrophotography Video Tutorials, this full video is about about 24 minutes but is better to see both previous episodes first :)

This set of tutorial videos came to explain step by step how we reach this final image of the Milky Way can be seen in the list and on our social, without spending a lot of money, and from a series nightlife multiple shots to the Milky Way;

To start learning the basics just follow this first episode, because each of these videos is a different software, but to achieve the excellent results that you can see the final image you need to follow the whole complete set of three video tutorials!

All episodes are both available in streaming or download, and that is in ENGLISH ITALIAN (such as text over video)

This episode, the last, explain how compose the final image with the previous stacked image, to have better detail, remove light pollution gradient, and the final cosmetics fixes with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

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